Tornado io

Lead your and destroy trees, cars and buildings. Somewhat inspired by the concept of Katamari, Tornado arrives on DS with the firm intention to make players the saviors of the Earth time for an adventure. The story of Tornado is simple. A Collector of Planets used a black hole to steal everything on earth, people, trees, vehicles, skyscrapers, monuments, everything happened there. Your mission is going to be, within a brave and welded team, to bring back each element removed by means of tornadoes machines. In this case, the tornado machine is you. Like a growing sphere in Katamari, you pick everything in your path and become more and more powerful by collecting dozens of elements, natural or otherwise, material or human. That said, a difference in size closes the comparison. While in Katamari, you see items piling up on each other, those of Tornado disappear in the hurricane, helping to see the tornado grow, in proportions much less impressive than in Katamari. Indeed, the plan of the place swept is always the same, the whirlwind hardly exceeding the size of an Eiffel Tower. The rapprochement is not insignificant, the most famous monument in the world is one of those modeled in Tornado.

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