Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble game is a multiplayer game where you can play with other players online and be offline with each other with a computer. The game is pleased with the nice graphics of the tank, hassle-free management and extensive customization capabilities. The main battle task in the tank problem is to destroy all your opponents. If you sign up, the game will remember you and you will gradually grow up for victory, new trims for the tank will emerge. And during the game, you will need to collect the gaming money instead of the tanks you are fighting to be able to buy new ornaments on the tank.

The strangeness of the war in the Tank Trouble is on the hills. Basically, do not forget that you will only be able to release in 5 rounds and you will be bouncing on the wall for a long time. You will not be able to fire again and they will be vulnerable until they "disappear from the ground". So, spend your ammunition wisely. As the game progresses, bonus weapons will appear on the map. This is a laser that immediately explodes the blast path, a pair of balls and a hunting rifle that does not float too much, but quickly covers a large area. Collect these bonuses, it will be useful. Health level, first aid kit and so on are not here. A hit = a corpse is a distinguishing feature of the Tank problem from these bulletins, and other games that can play together in our vote on the same computer. And on the title menu, you see the tanks of different players that can be called a duel. At the beginning of the game, you have your choice of management options. Pick the right and go!

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