Subway Surfers Online

One of the most played 3D games of recent years can be an adventurous enthusiast with the Subway Surfers game, it is very simple to control, you can move the keyboard up and down using the directional keys, run your skateboard and collect the gold pre- we have to take care of the other objects for gold, when we take gold with x2, our gold count will increase twice as much and if we take the magnet it will automatically collect them at the time of preliminary gold, stay away from cars and buses and we can not advance without hitting them. . I would also like to mention that sometimes the police car comes with an extra feature like a magnet, if you pick it up you are not affected by crashing into cars etc. An extra nice feature of the SUBWAY SURFING game. You can share your scores with comments on this fun game you can play on mobile and tablets. If you like our game, you can support us by sharing with social media buttons, you will enjoy playing with Subway surf.

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