Are you ready to play the Starblast io game with millions of players and become the only survivor? This game is fast paced and quite competitive. A spaceship between the galaxy and meteorites in endless space. In the game the larger and the faster you win, the others die. This game is awesome with one word. You have to be the most powerful blaster in the stars to raise your weapons of war. Try to survive as much as possible. Browser games are generally not very visually good and start to spin after a few games. But it is not Deep in the space of the fight against the asteroids around you without knowing who you are driving. Every little planet you blew out is crystal. It's important to collect crystals, upgrade your spaceship, get new spaceships, or add extra lives. Of course, while you are trying to get empty empty firepower and you do not just walk at all the moment you come head to head. They are getting stronger with the crystals. Even when you first start the game you are the size of a few times.

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