In Slope game you have to control the ball with the arrow keys on the track. If you keep on the track and if you manage to progress smoothly, you will earn more points every second. You want to control your reflexes? Do you want to have fun at the same time? Then this game is for you. Slope The game is one of the games imported from abroad. For this reason, we can say that you are expecting a good quality and a fun game time. Turkey Slope play the game on their site you can also find the name of the slopes. Slope Bowling Games, Running Games, and Top Games. But forget about all the games you know before starting this game, which is much different than bowling and jogging you know. In the game there are neon graphics that will surprise you very much. In fact, the colors have a high quality in this cast which has simple graphics. The game changes rapidly and gets harder and harder. There are many obstacles on the road. Between the dangerous pits and the killer walls, how successful are you going to be? Look at your scoreboard and see how good you are. You are faced with a much more difficult game than you expected. The game is designed in 3D and played through the website. Game controls are made with the arrow keys. You must press the right direction key to move to the right and the left direction key to move left. Your aim is to reach the tip of the slope without hitting the red walls. It is also very difficult to direct the ball because your path is inclined. At the same time, you have to carefully adjust the gravity as you move in an isometric world. If you can not adjust, it is inevitable that you will hit your enemy's red walls. There is a space map in your hand so you can see the destination area and take your precautions. Thanks to this map, controls will be much easier. Your goal is to get to the extreme end of the course. But for a real competition this is not enough. If you want to achieve real competition and you believe you can succeed in this game, then you should get the highest score. You must run as fast as possible to settle in the first place in order. The faster you run, the more points you get. Look at the map over the map and choose the most suitable land for yourself so you do not have to overdo it at first. So you can see your name at the top of the list. Have fun..

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