Run 3

Run 3 online is a game developed by Kongregate. Do you think you are agile and focused? If so, this game will test your skills and overall agility through a scenario that you think will be different from the game scenario you are already familiar with. 3D graphics act according to depth, but checkered shapes are slightly different to desire. Of course, the difficulties of the game, especially the difficulty of the game rising from the eleventh stage, and the player becoming very dependent on trying to win every difficulty of the game. The coolest thing in Run 3 is the new characters and accessories that will lock the skate, skateboard, bike and other modes of transport as they pass through the stages, making the game even more crazy and unreasonable.

There are two modes of voting, a "discovery mode" where you go through the stages and know the "infinite mode" that an infinite race we are trying to reach from the top of the galaxy or limitations. There are two other buttons on the main screen which are "Galaxy Map", galaxy and you can see all the stages you have already completed, or "Shop", where you can get new characters and strange accessories. How about playing free Run 3 for free now?

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