Money Movers 4

Money Movers 4: Jailbreack is a fantastic action and adventure online game. The fourth installment of the game bringing together the two malefactor brothers comes with new challenges. Once again, our fugitives must complement each other if they want to have a chance to get by, the elder with his muscles and strong character, the youngest with his agility and intelligence. The action takes place in a beautiful archipelago. Help the two brothers get out, and do not forget to collect bundles of notes. The boys thought they were not real thrown in jail and escaped as soon as possible. After infiltrating the city through the fields and forests on the way they feed exclusively on fruits and roots and collect the sacks of dollars scattered around the path. Your task is to help children pass a dangerous path. Help them overcome various obstacles, through which they can not jump over. If you can not make the jump, destroy the explosive stone walls.

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