Angry Birds Online

The aim of Angry Birds game is to destroy the wooden fortifications where the enemies are located. With the help of the mouse, start the destruction of the castle by stretching the bird in the sling and throwing it to the opposite side. With the Angry Birds game, we are trying to hit the target pig with the birds placed in the ball. The game is played with the mouse. With the mouse, we set the direction and speed of the bird in the ball. Angry Birds 3 series of games are also in this game. Since we wrote Japanese as game language, we need to direct you a little. To open the game, first press the orange button on the bottom. On the next page, we will choose which series of Angry Birds game to play, namely the 1st - 2nd - 3rd series. Each series consists of 24 sections. We start the game by selecting the part we want to play.

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